Goodyear Scientists Got High And Hallucinated A Ball-Shaped Tire


At least that’s what it seems like watching their concept video.

The Goodyear Eagle-360, as it’s lovingly called, is a totally outrageous reimagining of tires altogether, envisioning them as perfectly ball-shaped, massive, rubber spheres for, uh, probably some good reason or another. At least one observer is excited about the idea, though.

Bear in mind that it’s just a concept right now, but if they can develop even half the features planned for it, it’s going to make today’s tires look as dated as the hand crank that started a Ford Model T.

For starters, those doughnut-shaped pieces of rubber you now use will become quaint exhibits in a museum. The Eagle-360 is spherical like a basketball.

I can anticipate your next question: How do you put a spherical tire on an axle? The answer: You don’t. In Goodyear’s brave new car world, these tires will be held in place in the wheel well by a magnetic levitation system, offering a smoother and quieter ride because the car is not physically connected to the tire.

There’s also a hint that these tires could be “smart”—alerting the driver to their wear and tear automatically—and even 3d-printed. We’re not holding our collective breath, though.

Everything may very well be ball-shaped in the future, but for now we think we’ll stick to the doughnuts.