GQ Lays Down Some Ball Advice

Tara Jacobye / GQ

Big ups to GQ for tackling a sensitive subject. Writer Julieanne Smolinski just penned a piece called “You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Ball Play” that deals with something that we don’t like to talk about: getting our sexual partners to pay attention to our balls.

If you ask most men, they’d tell you that it feels good for a partner to stimulate that region – although the scrotum isn’t as immediately sensitive as the penis, the kind of stimulation it likes is less obvious. Smolinski’s article runs down a solid dozen different types of ball play, as well as asks some women about whether they initiate it or wait for their men to ask.

Most importantly, it all comes down to communication, as all good sex does. Know your balls, know what they like, and don’t be afraid to let your partner know too.

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