Greg Rutherford Reveals He Found Testicle Lump During Lockdown

Greg Rutherford Reveals He Found Testicle Lump During Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a ripple effect in the health care industry, as people who may be suffering from other conditions delay getting medical help for fear of overwhelming hospitals or catching the coronavirus themselves. Storied track and field athlete Greg Rutherford has a cautionary tale about just that, as he noticed a lump in his ballsack but put off getting it checked out.

The holder of the British long jump records for both indoors and outdoors, Rutherford won the gold medal in his event at the 2012 Summer Olympics and went on to bring home a slew of other top finishes at track and field competitions worldwide. Since retiring from the sport in 2016, he’s explored a number of other options in public life, including appearing on British competition Strictly Come Dancing and winning the 2019 season of Celebrity Masterchef.

While in isolation during the COVID-19 lockdown, Rutherford started feeling discomfort down below. A physical self-exam indicated an odd lump in his ballsack, but the elite athlete was so embarrassed about the situation that he didn’t tell anyone, even his fiancee. As the pain increased, as often happens in these cases, he eventually confided in a friend who gave him the push he needed to go see a doctor. That friend was a testicular cancer survivor who knew that ball pain should never be ignored.

According to an Instagram post he made after the ordeal, the growth in his ballsack turned out to be cysts. He wrote “I’ve always felt somewhat invincible physically… but during lockdown that invincibility took a massive knock.” Now he’s pushing for other people to take gonad pain seriously.

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