Where To Find The Gridiron Balls In Call Of Duty WWII

The latest hit game to hit the FPS world is Call Of Duty: WWII, taking the popular franchise back to the Great War with incredible realism and action. Like all of these games, it has tons of hidden secrets and things to find. One of the new game modes included this year is Gridiron, which is a somewhat silly multiplayer experience best described as football with armed players.

Each side has a goal at opposite ends of a map, and the objective is to pick up a ball and run it into your opponent’s end for seven points. There are no downs or field goals, though: if you drop the ball (say, by getting shot), somebody else can just pick it up from either side.

Ball carriers can’t shoot, but they can throw the ball – so if you toss it to an enemy, they’ll lose their offensive capability and you can pop them and take it back. It’s a little odd in context compared to the super serious realistic feel of the rest of the game, but Gridiron is a lot of fun.

YouTuber Ess Rawr of Team Essence has posted a guide to finding the hidden Gridiron balls in the game’s Headquarters level.