Groin Tattoo Prank Goes Predictably Awry

There’s no need to rehash the “why is this person famous” talking points with respect to this particular YouTube personality; especially not on a day in which Kim Kardashian is making headlines for releasing another nude photo of herself. Kim is insanely good-looking. We all get that by now, surely? It is not necessarily breaking news that the celebrity woman is extremely attractive and fashionable. Maybe move on to some other stuff.

At any rate, this vlogger is on the way up, and while there’s not a lot here that would seemingly justify her having a “business enquiries”(sic) email address set up, it is at least not as puzzling as those accounts with millions of hits on ping pong ball videos.

A groin tattoo prank is a solid, if unoriginal, idea as far as this niche goes, and yet when it fails, we were disappointed but unsurprised. If you are going to get a groin tattoo, which we’re not saying you should do, we would advise that you at least understand the general area that the groin calls home.

It is not, word to the wise, your hip.