This Guy Doing Glass Ball Juggling On The Moscow Subway Is Epic


As any native New Yorker can tell you, subway performers are often the most annoying thing in the universe, especially in a crowded car on a hot day. On the Moscow subway, though, things are a little different. This video of a magician performing a complex and frankly beautiful glass ball juggling routine hit the Internet last week and immediately made all the mariachi bands and backflipping breakdancers out there a little nervous. This guy has a major talent, and to be able to do it on a moving train is something else.

What he’s doing is known as “contact juggling,” and it’s tough as hell. He needs to keep the glass ball moving at all times so it doesn’t tip too far in any one direction. But how does he make the thing seemingly hover in the air? And what about when he splits the one ball into two? It’s a lot to take in.

How much does a ride on the Moscow subway cost? We want to meet this guy and learn how he mastered his balls.