This Guy Takes Some Serious Shoes To The Balls


We don’t share a lot of “ballbusting” stuff here on the Ball Report because, and let’s be frank here, it makes us a little nervous. Our mission statement is all about preserving testicles wherever we may find them, so when a dude pays a pair of women to put on shoes with spikes sticking out of them and boot him in the nutsack it’s pretty scary.

But content must be shared, so when this clip from Ballbusting International showed up on YouTube we watched it with our hands over our faces. In it, a poor schmuck named Andrea Dipre stands in his Y-fronts before two ladies, who size him up and then mercilessly deliver a pointed shoe right to his man-bag. The clip is thankfully edited to remove any nudity, but the dude takes a few serious blows to the gonads without going down.

If we had to think about it, there’s the possibility that Mr. Dipre is wearing some kind of protective gear underneath his boxer briefs, but there’s no way of knowing. This doesn’t look like his first rodeo, so maybe his ballsack is just really swollen from all the abuse he’s received. We don’t want to think about it too much right now.