This Guy Tried Scrotum Botox And Tells You All About It

Scrotum Botox

We’ve written before about “scrotox,” the process of using scrotum botox to tighten and tone the skin of your ballsack. It’s a procedure that is inexplicably growing in popularity – a recent report indicates that nearly twice as many men underwent the injection this year compared to last year. But why? We’re firm believers in the idea that every pair of balls is beautiful as long as they’re healthy, and you don’t need to pump toxins into them to live up to some weird idea of masculinity.

That didn’t stop Vice reporter Grant Stoddard, though, who went under the needle to try scrotum botox for himself. Stoddard is the host and subject of the show Yes Man, where he goes along with ridiculous things for the entertainment of his viewers. You can watch a clip below.

The thing about your ballsack is that even though it’s sort of ridiculous looking, it’s that way for a reason. The balls need to be outside of the body cavity to maintain an optimal temperature for sperm production. Plastic surgeons argue that smoothing out the skin of the sack can make it look bigger and more impressive.

So Stoddard hits the pavement to test it out himself. Dr. John Mesa does the procedure in his New York office, slathering his groin with anaesthetic cream before injecting him. The scrotox takes about a week to take effect, and Stoddard commented:

“Over the next few days my nuts loosened further until they hung at about the same length as the tip of my penis. My scrotum was indeed smoother. It looked less like a brain, cinched tight enough to grate a carrot on, and more like a couple of smooth, round river rocks swaying in a silk handkerchief.”

Well that’s an evocative image.

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