This Guy’s Ball-First Escalator Slide Made Him A Legend


Some viral videos are so incredible that you just want to put them on loop and watch them over and over for the rest of your life. That’s how we felt when we first stumbled across this clip of a terribly drunk dude trying to slide down the smooth middle part of an escalator and suffering some tremendous testicular trauma on the way. And with any video, you want to know more of the story. What inspired this dude to risk his gonads like that? Thankfully, an enterprising journalist tracked him down to get the full story.

The answer? Ten pints of beer at the Darts World Championships at Alexandra Palace. The man’s name is Freddie Andrews, and after downing a half-score of lager he boarded the London metro. Not wanting to wait for the slow escalator to reach its destination, soused Andrews climbed aboard the middle rail and attempted to slide down. The rest is history, as he was unable to maintain a course that didn’t take him groin-first into the signs studding the way.

His friend James Gower quickly posted the footage to Twitter, where it was spread like wildfire. Freddie doesn’t regret his viral fame, and didn’t suffer any permanent damage because God protects drunks and small children.

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