Halloween Groin Kick Lands Florida Woman In Jail

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Halloween Groin Kick Lands Florida Woman In Jail

People get up to all kinds of mischief on the Devil’s Night, but we’d prefer for your Halloween pranks to not land you behind bars. Unfortunately, one Florida woman didn’t get the memo and her attack on an acquaintance’s nutsack led to a run-in with the law and some jail time.

The Pasco County Sheriff’s Office was called to a disturbance in the town of Zephyrhills on Halloween. When they got there, a shocking scene had played out in front of their eyes. The victim said that a woman, identified as Laverne Whyte-Downing, had come at him with a hot frying pan and tried to bash his head in. When he lifted his arms, he received burns as he defended himself. When she realized that her tactic wasn’t working, she dropped the pan.

Unsatisfied with the damage done, Whyte-Downing trained her violence below the belt, delivering a vicious kick to the man’s groin. Police located her and took her into custody on charges of assault, and she spent the rest of her Halloween in the Pasco County jail. We’re unsure if further charges will be pressed or what the rationale for her attack originally was. There’s really no excuse that could make these actions justifiable, though.

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