Hannah Salmon Is Our New Favorite Balls Artist

Hannah Salmon Is Our New Favorite Balls Artist

Artists find inspiration everywhere, but New Zealand satirist and illustrator Hannah Salmon discovers it below the belt. In an appreciation penned by poet Hera Lindsay Bird, Salmon’s facility for rendering the human ballsack is given plenty of column space. Her work engages with men of political and economic power, rendering them as grotesques in close proximity to realistic male genitalia. It’s quite a package.

From the site: “Hannah Salmon is a Wellington-based artist, musician and DIY publisher who produces indecent propaganda under the moniker Daily Secretion. Daily Secretion’s output takes the form of political zines, illustrative and sculptural works that pick away at the crumbling facade of patriarchal capitalism. Her last exhibition The Modern Alpha at Toi Pōneke featured portraits of local and international figures who embody the patriarchy and was accompanied by a scent (“The Modern Alpha: Masculine Odour for the Dominant Man”, made by Wellington artist Nathan Taare) evoking the essence of toxic masculinity, with base notes of decay, sperm and faeces, thinly concealed with bad cologne, cognac and cigar smoke.”

Salmon’s illustrations are simultaneously hilarious and horrifying, depicting powerful men as debased and hyper-rendered caricatures in the spirit of artists like Drew Friedman and Eli Valley. You don’t have to be caught up on Down Under politics to enjoy them, but it certainly helps.

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