HappySacs Promise To Cut Down On Ball Chafing

HappySacs Chafing

We think about our balls a lot, but chafing isn’t a big problem. Apparently it is for a group of men, because Happy Sacs were just funded on Kickstarter. Billed as “Underwear for your Undertheres,” these bizarre garments are essentially scrotum-only briefs.

Made of a moisture-wicking fabric, HappySacs promise to keep your balls cool, comfortable and isolated from any painful elements in your underwear or pants. The Kickstarter page has several diagrams of a cartoon man resorting to publicly inappropriate scratching, stretching and groping to mitigate his ball problems. With a HappySac, you won’t have to think about ball discomfort for a whole day. Available in a variety of sizes and black, white and carbon fiber color patterns, they’re some of the weirdest things we’ve ever seen.

We’re sort of split on this bizarre invention. On one hand, it’s great that your balls are comfortable and dry. Skin irritation and infection on the scrotum can be super uncomfortable. But you should really be aware of your situation down there, and packing your nuts into a separate pouch seems distancing, somehow. And can you imagine disrobing before having sex with a new partner and explaining to them that you have to take your nutsack underwear off?

What do you think? Is testicular chafing a big enough problem for you that you need some HappySacs, or is this one invention that won’t take off?