Have A Testicular Apocalypse This Halloween


It’s a spooky scary day, and what better way to celebrate Halloween here on the Ball Report than with a horror flick that’s all about the ballsack? Testicular Apocalypse was made by director Oliver Tietgen a few years ago, but website Bloody Disgusting just picked it up as part of their ongoing short films series, and it’s a doozy.

The short was originally made for the up-for-grabs T slot in horror anthology ABCs Of Death, and although it got beaten out, Testicular Apocalypse still packs a seriously grisly punch. The plotline is simple: a poor schlub is just trying to get himself off with the aid of a topless babe on his TV when his gonads revolt. A testicle bursts out of his scrotum and leads him on a horrifying chase around the apartment as he struggles to get it back.

We’re not going to spoil all of the twists and turns that Testicular Apocalypse delivers during the course of its two minutes and change, but it’s fair to say that this one will stick in your craw for a while after watching it. Have a happy Halloween, stay safe, and keep your nuts in their sack where they belong.