Have You Watched Scrotal Recall?


Netflix has been killing it with the original programming lately – House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black are as good as anything on HBO, and the slate of Marvel properties starting with Daredevil is keeping geeks all over the world happy. But they have some shows that are flying a little under the radar that are pretty solid as well, and one of them has a ball-related name, so let’s talk about Scrotal Recall.

Originally aired in the fall of 2014 on Channel 4 in England (home of a number of quirky series), Scrotal Recall is about a dude named Dylan who gets informed that he has chlamydia, a treatable STD that, if ignored, can lead to infertility in women. So, because he’s a good guy, he sets out to inform his past sexual partners that he might have given it to them. He puts a list together in alphabetical order and, with friends Luke and Evie hits the road to get back in touch. It’s a premise that could go dark really quickly, but Dylan is such an affable guy that he keeps it charming and clever.

The action switches back and forth between Dylan and his two friends as they travel around meeting ex-lovers and moments in the past, and it’s executed very ably. The dialogue is cracking and clever, and nothing seems unlikely or over-written. You really come to feel for the characters and the women they interact with, which is quite an accomplishment for a sitcom. The first season of six episodes is available to watch now on Netflix.