Hawaiian T-Shirt Quack Says Stop Eating Nuts

There don’t seem to be as many health gurus walking around lately as there used to be. It could just be that Oprah isn’t on TV anymore, although it would seem like Dr. Oz and other flim flammers have more than filled in that space. Maybe we all got preoccupied with the horrible economy for long enough that we didn’t so much mind being a little fat or taking cholesterol medicine. Perhaps we all just got a little smarter.


Loren Lockman is still kicking, and in his latest video, he advises that we shouldn’t be eating nuts. At least, not so many nuts. This is not exactly revolutionary advice, and heck, maybe there are people out there eating nuts like crazy. In that case, we agree: eat some stuff other than nuts sometimes. Like Frozen balls.

But with just a little clicking around, you might find out that this Lockman character orders his “patients” to go on month-long fasts and says that consuming nothing but water is the best way to allow your body to “detoxify” itself. He only charges about $4000 for this monitored fasting program, which is mighty generous of him.

Of course, you’ll need to find your own way to Costa Rica. Or you could just go to the gym, your call.