Head To Serbia For The World Testicle Festival


Testicle cooking is big business in many locations around the world, but Serbia has to earn the crown for dedication. The annual Testicle Cooking Festival has been held there since 2004, drawing both professional and amateur chefs from all over Europe to show off their ballsy dishes.

At the village of Lunjevica, located by the foothills of Mount Rudnik, testicle lovers gather for a weekend of homebrewed booze, rowdy music and testicles cooked in a vast variety of techniques. Folk wisdom holds that testicles are a powerful aphrodisiac as well, so it’s not surprising that the festival descends into ribald behavior when the sun goes down.

If you’re planning a trip to Serbia to check out the festival for yourself, get prepared with this useful video that clips together some of the highlights from the last event. Sizzling balls aplenty, and people wolfing them down like it’s no big deal. Testicle pizza, testicle moussaka and a panoply of other ways to prepare and serve the offal are all right here, and those balls come from ordinary animals like cows, pigs and sheep as well as more exotic creatures including kangaroo, camel, and ostrich.

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