Help Us Understand What A Ball Disaster Is


Let’s just get it out of the way up front, before you see the screencap of the video and the title and wonder what we’re doing here: we are not talking about a “ball disaster” in the anatomical sense.

(For information on that, you may go here and here.)

No, this video is totally normal, and fine to watch. It’s just a couple of kids playing pretend, doing their spin on fairytales, and injecting some humor from whatever generation the┬ápost-millennial is called into some classic story tropes. Okay, we’re good there.

So if there’s a motif for the videos we review here beyond their relation to balls or groins or whatnot, it is this: there are lots and lots of folks on this big blue marble, and there is no accounting for taste. As a coda to that, there are so many channels on YouTube with 6-figure and even 7-figure subscriber totals that we can hardly understand, much less enjoy, that it would make your head spin. “SevenPerfectAngels”, a comedy troupe of sorts seemingly aimed at preteen girls, is no exception.

In other words, how are this many kids of this age on YouTube?!? Not that we thought they were still going outside and riding bikes or whatever, but that we’re already at the stage where children a fraction of our age have their own celebrities we’ve never heard of is surprising, if not outright depressing.

But, you know, in the end, we’re all dead anyway. Nothing matters.