Here’s Some Tips For Shaving Your Balls

Here's Some Tips For Shaving Your Balls

Personal grooming is an important responsibility for men, and trimming or shaving your balls has become more and more popular. But that’s a delicate and topographically complex area that can be difficult to get a handle on. Many men can tell you stories of accidental nicks and cuts suffered down there, so here are some simple tips to make the next time you manscape more comfortable.

First off, don’t neglect the trim before shaving. Think about how you’ve handled your beard when it’s become unruly – you don’t take a razor straight to that long, thick hair. Instead, you use a pair of small scissors to snip off the excess length. Putting hair that’s too long into a razor, whether manual or electric, can clog the blades and make it less effective. By preparing the site first by trimming you remove that possibility.

Secondly, skip the shaving cream and use something with less lather. You’ve probably noticed that your scrotum skin behaves a little differently than the rest of your body, tightening and loosening based on a variety of factors. Obscuring that zone with foam makes it very difficult to see what you’re doing. A little body wash is a better idea to lubricate your blade but preserve your vision.

Of course, if you don’t want to shave your balls at all you don’t have to. Just keep your pubes clean and well-groomed and you shouldn’t have any problems.

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