Hero Takes Second Crack at Cramming Mouth With Sno Balls

In a recent Fusion piece, Get Rich or Die Vlogging: The Sad Economics of Internet Fame, Gaby Dunn touches on the brave new world of social media economics. A YouTuber herself, Dunn explores the story of fellow social media mogul Brittany Ashley, who suddenly found herself serving the peers she was used to impressing with her 7-figure views on Buzzfeed’s channel.

Not realizing that her handful of weekly waitressing shifts at Eveleigh paid most of her bills, a coworker from the video production site asked Ashley if her serving tray was “a bit.” It was not[…]

Customers had approached her at work before, starstruck but confused. Why would someone with 90,000 Instagram followers be serving brunch?

The backbone of the piece is interesting, if obvious: there are many more “famous” people today than there were even ten (five!) years ago, but on average, they earn much, much less money from their creative efforts. That average is being dragged down with gusto, we’d submit, by guys like FreakEating, who, God bless ‘im, has taken it upon himself to try and eat two Sno Balls not once, but twice, for nothing but our voyeuristic pleasure.

Chris Pratt he is not.