High School Student Spreading Testicular Cancer Awareness

High School Student Spreading Testicular Cancer Awareness

Although testicular cancer can affect all ages, it’s most prevalent in younger men. And while it’s always a tragedy when somebody so new to life has to grapple with the disease, it’s also an opportunity to both learn and teach. One high school senior in Pennsylvania is using his ordeal to raise awareness, and we’re here for him.

Zach Johnson is a high school student at Manheim Township. Last year at Thanksgiving he started noticing a mysterious pain in his groin, which he likened to his pants feeling too tight. They made a doctor’s appointment and on Christmas Eve he was diagnosed with testicular cancer. It’s a familiar story, and Johnson was soon undergoing treatment.

A few days after his diagnosis, the student had surgery to completely remove one of his testicles. After a CAT scan, he got the news no patient wants to hear: the cancer had spread elsewhere in his body, mandating a course of chemotherapy to clear them out. He took three cycles over nine weeks, thankfully with a gap in there coinciding with volleyball season.

He’s handling the whole situation with wisdom far beyond his years, even laughing as his friends call him “One Ball Johnson.” We wish nothing but the best for this brave kid in his journey.

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