Horse Kick Leads To Cancer Diagnosis

Horse Kick

We would never wish anyone to be kicked in the groin by a horse. But would you believe a story about an equine attack saving somebody’s life? We’re all about the weird stuff here at the Ball Report, so let’s get into this one.

Our man here is named Ryan O’Connor, and he was 21 and working in Australia when his horse Karlakee Miss got a wild hair and booted him. He went to the hospital complaining of back pain, but after a quick physical exam the doctors there discovered that the horse kick wasn’t the cause of it – instead, he had testicular cancer.

Doctors found a 9 centimeter tumor in his testicle and he immediately went into treatment to have it removed. He’d been feeling a little off for months but didn’t know what to attribute it to, so the lucky discovery of the cancer went a long way to explaining his health issues. The treatment went successfully and he was given a clean bill of health in January.

We’d never wish for anyone to get kicked by a horse, but if it’s the only way you learn about life-threatening testicular cancer we’ll let it go.