Abandoned Horse Cruelly Shot With 100 Paint Balls


Folks, as a species, humanity is garbage. It just is. After reading this story, we’re convinced: it’s time to hang ’em up. Hit the lights on your way out.

Sure, there are arguably more high stakes reasons to lose faith in humankind’s inherent goodness; it’s an election year in the US, after all. But if you boil it all down and see what shakes out, the truth behind so many of our failings as Earth’s alpha dogs is what is evidenced here: our limitless capacity for cruelty.

A 20-year-old horse is recovering after being shot more than 100 times with paint balls. Lily is recovering at the New Bolton Center in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Why not just melt the damn things?! Horses live to be 25-30, on average, by the way. So for context, this horse is a grandma.

Omega Horse Rescue’s Kelly Smith found Lily at the New Holland Horse Sale Stables in Lancaster County on Monday after the horse auctions. They found no sign of an owner and believed her to be abandoned at the stables. They called the SPCA and Smith took Lily to New Bolton.

“It was deplorable,” Smith said. “Her eye was swollen shut. The other one she can’t see out of. Her head was hanging down. She was very depressed.” […]

“If you look at her she’s obviously a very old debilitated horse, who can’t defend herself,” Dr. Nolen-Walston said.

You may donate to the Omega Horse Rescue here.