This Hot Cheetos Fireball Challenge Will Make You Barf


So there’s this guy on YouTube who calls himself Nikocado Avocado and he… really likes avocados. Likes them enough to buy dozens of them at a time and then prepare some of the most insanely demented “snacks” we’ve ever seen. And we’ve seen some bizarre snacks. In this video, he makes “hot Cheeto fireballs” by essentially dumping crushed up spicy corn treats over halved avocados and then eats… a lot of them. It’s bad.

This video is over a half an hour long, so you can be forgiven for not watching the whole thing. The dude cuts avocados for a big chunk of it as well. Watch it at double speed maybe, because you’re not going to want to miss the payoff. Can we note really quick that this guy has over a quarter of a million subscribers on YouTube?

Anyways, after he preps nine avocados and change, he juices limes onto them and then sprinkles ground up Flaming Hot Cheetos into the whole mess. When it comes time for tasting, Niko just grabs a spoon and munches this disgusting mess so vigorously that Cheetos go up his nose and make him start coughing until he nearly throws up. How appetizing!