How Do Kicks To The Nuts Feel In VR?

It’s looking more and more likely that VR is the future of gaming. Virtual reality offers a world of immersion and excitement that staring at a screen just can’t provide. Oh, and it also gives you a great way to kick your friend in the nuts.

In this recent video from prank troupe the Dudesons, the group goes to visit production studio Lionsgate to try on some VR equipment and experience the phenomenon for themselves. They’re using the HTC Vive, which has a library of games courtesy of Steam and some sweet titles. But, of course, since this is the Dudesons, they can’t just do the ordinary thing.

When group showman Jukka finally straps on the VR helmet, his fellow Dudesons realize that this is an opportunity that can’t pass unmolested. While he’s in the digital world, he finds himself on the receiving end of a swift punt to his nuts. Although we’ve seen stiffer nutshots, the sheer surprise factor of this one earns it a spot in the Hall of Fame. Now if they could only put some kind of virtual reality game together that had you fending off imaginary groin attacks at the same time your friends were launching real ones. That’s a recipe for a smash hit if we’ve ever heard one.