How To Check A Ram’s Testicles, If You Want

There could, honestly, be no more perfect video than this one, brought to us by Australia’s Local Land Services – Central West, a division of the New South Wales government. That’s a mouthful to be sure, and a lot of bureaucratic red tape to get a simple ram’s testicles video on YouTube, but boy does it ever seem worth it.

Sadly, any actual ram’s testicles are, at best, just out of frame, but our host does his best to demonstrate what a real examination would be like, using a pair of soda cans, a zip-top bag, and some measuring tape to approximate a sheep scrotum. Upon closer inspection, the cans appear to be a local brand of rum & cola, because this is Australia, and they are much more fun than we are. There’s some good advice in here that seems to be, on its face, relatively applicable to the human anatomy (although, please, don’t drink too much rum & cola before examining yourself), but after listening to the passion of this farmer, you may find yourself ready to go out and tackle the first ram you see. Don’t forget the measuring tape!