How To Crack Macadamia Nuts With An Obscure Hand Tool

From the very beginning of this video, something feels off. This extremely non-famous older gentleman introduces himself very confidently, and right away the cinematography feels better than the subject (cracking macadamia nuts, for goodness sake) deserves. The man’s got jokes, solid line reads, and a steady cam, but offers no hint as to why that should be the case. You’ve got to do a little digging to find out.

Evidently, Carlos Royal¬†is a little bit famous, but it’s not exactly for something he did. It’s because of some owls that live in his yard. Yep, really. Check out the Wikipedia page that definitely doesn’t sound like it was written by the owl people.

Though¬†fan reaction was mixed when Molly the Barn Owl opened up her eggs to eat her own owlets, at least she didn’t have to buy some $30 scissors to do it. Baby owls probably don’t taste as good as macadamia nuts, though.