How To Deal With The Stink Of Morning Balls

How To Deal With The Stink Of Morning Balls

We’re all familiar with the phenomenon of “morning breath,” where bacteria in your mouth proliferate while you sleep to create some seriously funky odors overnight. But now there’s a new hygenic issue you need to consider: morning balls.

Because your testicles are located near the warm core of your body, between your thighs, they tend to accumulate sweat and moisture, especially because you’re not moving around a lot while you sleep to dissipate it. Eight hours of sleep can lead to a lot of sweat down there, and moist environments are prime for bacterial growth.

If you find yourself struggling with foul odors from down below, the good news is that dealing with morning balls is pretty simple. Make sure to take a shower before bed, but don’t just let the water spray over you – grab a washcloth, soap it up and really scrub your nooks and crannies down there.

After you’re done, make sure to towel dry to the limit of your ability. Any moisture left down there will just ease the growth of bacteria. Then take some talcum powder and douse yourself liberally before putting on underwear or pajamas to further soak up any sweat that you might exude through the night. Simple, efficient and effective.

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