Man With Huge Testicles Visits Howard Stern Show


The amazing thing about Howard Stern, aside from his insane longevity, is how devoted his fan base is. Just about every audio clip and video segment is lovingly archived somewhere on the Internet to share with the world. This week, we got lucky when a YouTube channel excavated a Howard TV segment from 2011 featuring “Big Balls John” and his terrifyingly enormous testicles.

John, real name Wesley Warren Jr, was an occasional guest on the show. His scrotum was over 100 pounds, and caused him a significant amount of misery. In this clip, we get the standard Howard Stern bad taste, but he also shows a great deal of sympathy for the dude.

Warren suffered from scrotal elephantiasis, which is most normally caused by a parasitic infection but in his case seemingly stemmed from a testicular injury in 2008. It grew and grew over the next two years, eventually becoming big enough that he had to turn a hoodie upside down and wear it over his ballsack.

After his exposure on the show, Warren received a number of offers from surgeons looking for publicity. He did eventually have his testicles operated on in 2013, a procedure that was profiled in a BBC documentary film. Warren himself died in 2014 as a result of complications from diabetes.