“I Think I Just Found A Lump?” – NFL Bad Lip Reading 2016 Is Here At Last

No, we don’t actually believe Tom Brady is saying “I think I found a lump” any more than we believe Drew Brees is going to have a cougar at his birthday party or that Atlanta Falcons Head Coach Dan Quinn is “the waffle guy”. (If you believe you’ve found a lump, testicle irregularity, or anything else that concerns you, first don’t panic, and then consult your doctor if necessary).

Okay, so why does it look like former 49ers HC Jim Tomsula is saying “I gotta squirt. I gotta squirt.” as his players trot over to the sidelines? You’d have to ask the folks at Bad Lip Reading, who apparently have been doing this sort of silly, goofball stuff for a while now. We’re sports fans, so we’re familiar with their NFL work primarily, but if you click around you’ll find Star Wars riffs and political stuff—something for everyone, really.

Alright, that’s enough of that. “You should be out there playing accordion”, anyway.