“I Think That’s Enough Goat Balls”: This Is Minecraft?

Here’s a good test to see whether or not you are old: a video entitled “Gmod Deathrun Funny Moments Minecraft Edition! – Knowledge, Goat Balls, and Deditated Wamborghini”. If most of those words are unfamiliar to you, or if you understand the words but not the context, then go ahead and skip the video; you are confirmed old. But if you somehow intuit what awaits you behind the play button, and think it sounds like your cup of tea, then carry on.

We talk about animal balls here enough to know that this recording of dudes playing a computer game does not actually feature them. It does, however, feature guys laughing about goat balls, and maybe talking to a character┬ánamed goat balls, but there are no actual balls. Depending on your perspective, maybe that’s a good thing.