Ice Ball Cocktail: Chemistry Finally Produces Something Worthwhile

Okay, educational science is pretty good. But it’s Wednesday, which is just two days away from Friday. Friday is basically the weekend–after noon at least–and that means it is now socially acceptable to discuss cocktails. Ahem.

At first blush, it might seem like that ice ball cocktail is a frozen mixture of rye, vermouth, and bitters. But that’s just not practical. Assuming something like a 25-30% alcohol concentration by volume, the average Manhattan would have to be chilled to around 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Your freezer, needless to say, is not up to the task.

In reality, the science behind creating a reasonable type of ice ball cocktail is actually a lot more complicated than just using a formed ice cube tray (although you do need one of those). It also looks rather complicated to drink, with those big chunky hemispheres of ice bumping around in there and smacking your nose.

Better pour another cocktail while they melt.