Indonesian Train Jumpers Get Balls To The Face


In many underdeveloped countries, trains are a popular form of transportation. But not everybody can afford the fare, so riders come up with a variety of scams to take their trips for free. One of the most common train scams requires a bit of strength and agility – you clamber up to the roof of the carriage and ride up there. Sure, it’s pretty dangerous, but life is cheap.

In Indonesia, this practice is distressingly common, sometimes with more people riding outside the train than inside it. Railway owners have experimented with numerous ways to keep illegal riders off, including greasing the tops of the cars with oil and ringing them with barbed wire, but nothing has worked.

The latest deterrent promises even more pain for train jumpers. At various unpredictable intervals along the tracks, an array of heavy concrete balls hang from chains, just close enough to barely miss the top of the carriage. If you’re up there, it’s highly likely you’re going to get bashed by one and fall off the train. It’s not humane, but it’s effective.

The Daily Mail has more information on the program, which has been in use since 2012. If you’re one of the poor chumps who took a concrete ball to the face on their daily commute, get in touch.