Is It Safe To Tuck Your Balls?

Is It Safe To Tuck Your Balls?

Men have been trying to hide their nuts for one reason or another for centuries. It’s most prevalent in drag culture, where showing a prominent bulge can interfere with the lines of an outfit. But there are numerous other reasons to tuck. That said, some people have been concerned about whether pulling your sack back between your legs can have long-lasting health implications.

Here’s the protocol for tucking: push your two testicles up into your abdominal cavity and then wrap your loose scrotum skin around your penis. Finally, pull the entire thing back through your thighs and clench your butt cheeks to keep everything in place. Then use a piece of gaff tape or other material to hold it there. If done properly, it’ll convert your groin region to a smooth, featureless plane like a Barbie doll.

However, some people have been concerned about whether prolonged tucking can cause damage to the genitals. Thankfully, the human body is a remarkably flexible and resilient thing. Queer family medicine practitioner Katherine Gardner commented “Lots of people come in with a lot of fears. The skepticism and concerns are largely based in society’s way to enforce behaviour and discourage people from doing stuff that society deems shameful. Tucking is perfectly safe. It’s extremely important and affirming. Those benefits far, far outweigh any potential risk.”

While there isn’t a great deal of peer-reviewed research, the general consensus is that it’s perfectly OK to tuck. There are not increased cases of testicular torsion, hernias or UTIs from frequent tuckers, so go ahead and give those balls a hiding place if you need to.

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