Is Sacking A Real Sex Problem?

Is Sacking A Real Sex Problem?

People have all sorts of issues and concerns about sexual intercourse, from premature ejaculation to inability to perform. And now there’s apparently a new thing we have to worry about, and it’s called “sacking.” What is it, and how real a concern is it? Read on, friends.

So if you’re sexually active and have a pair of balls (as many if not most of the readers of this site are assumed to), you’ve probably noticed that your scrotum can swing around pretty vigorously in the act of lovemaking. That’s typically not a big deal, but when you get a groove going those two little wrecking balls can impact your partner’s body somewhat stiffly and unwelcomely. That’s called sacking.

While most people are robust enough to handle a little bit of testicular impact, the same thing can’t be said for your ballsack itself. That thing is obviously delicate, and if you get it rotating while it swings back and forth, more serious conditions like testicular torsion can occue. And we’ve gone into detail about how unpleasant that is.

So the jury seems to be unanimous that sacking is a real issue. How do you prevent it? Well, the best way is through altering your position so that your nads don’t swing so vigorously. Some men also have lower-hanging sacks and will need to adjust in that way.

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