It’s Time for a Discussion of Cat Testicle Surgery

Quick word of warning: this video, from He Mei Pet, contains a brief image of surgery being done on a cat testicle. If you find that you are disturbed by cat testicles, or believe the image of a cat testicle would be upsetting to you, please skip over the portion of the video containing the image (from about 2:09 – 2:16).

Now, if you’ve read this far, you must be one of the people who has already, on their own time, searched out or run across this video all by themselves — who else could be interested in it? Nevertheless, here’s a short primer: sometimes, male organisms have issues that prevent one or both of their testicles from descending as they mature. This can be problematic for a number of reasons, but it also evidently irritates a pet’s owner when he can’t find both of his cat’s balls.

If you are also having this problem, this video seems to indicate that the fine folks at He Mei Pet are exceedingly well-equipped to help!