J.J. Watt Doesn’t Need Your Help To Rehab His Injured Groin

Speaking to Jim Rome this week in what appeared to be the neon-lit rafters of the Super Bowl hosting Levi’s Stadium rafters, star Texans lineman J.J. Watt demurred when asked about the friendly offers he was getting on social media for help with rehabbing his injured groin. Watt answered, while laughing:

“Just so many generous people out there, Jim. It’s just a world filled with people willing to help their fellow human being. It was touching…to my heart,” he clarified, “to see so many people reach out and willing to help get my groin healthy.”

Hey, in the words of Jack McCoy, he opened the door:

Watt went on to defend the very superficially “controversial” Cam Newton, who lost big time this past weekend, for his celebrations and general happiness. He wouldn’t have known it at the time, but given that a defensive lineman from the same 2011 draft would go on to win the MVP of Super Bowl 50, perhaps Watt was imagining the dance he would do when presented with such an award. Surely there are some dance tutors on Twitter who could help him with his choreography.