J.J. Watt Taking It Easy In Recovery From Groin Procedure

Just kidding, he’s dunking.

“But guys,” you mewl, “Watt’s groin procedure was so recent that this was just his fourth day of activity!” Yes. That’s true. Thank you for reading the info on the video. “And J.J. Watt plays football!” Well, that’s just what it’s like being an elite athlete. (We’re guessing here, obviously.) You can play different sports better than most people on the planet just days after having someone cut you open like a fish filet.

Watt is enormous, and at 6’5, 280 would be the NFL equivalent of Kobe Bryant wearing a lead backpack. But younger, obviously. And whiter. It’s incredible that he can get up that high even healthy, but a few days after a groin procedure is outrageous.

He clearly has no handles, but we think he’s probably fine with that.