Jack Black Takes You On A Pinball Museum Tour

Why exactly millionaire movie star Jack Black needs a YouTube channel in the 2019 is anybody’s guess, but the impressively bearded Jumanji star just started one. It’s called “Jablinski Games,” and it seems to be picking up steam quite nicely, with over three million subscribers as I write this. It seems to be a collaborative effort between Black and his son Sammy. Black, who is now equipped with a very impressive beard, hasn’t uploaded a ton of content yet besides an introductory video, but he’s just getting started.

One clip that went up recently is right in our wheelhouse, as on a trip to Las Vegas the actor stopped in at that city’s Pinball Hall Of Fame. Boasting over 200 classic machines from the last century, it’s an incredible tourist attraction and Jack Black has a lot of fun goofing off there.

Check out the rest of the videos on Jablinski Games.