Japan Makes Fat Guy Food Too: Snowman Oreo Balls Recipe

Yes! This feels so good to find! First of all, let’s back up. It’s Christmastime, which means yet another excuse on the calendar to eat like a drunk alleycat, but also, and more importantly, this recipe is from Japan! If you aren’t following, it’s probably just because you’ve never thought to yourself, “Wow, all these really fattening, super-sweet homemade treats are weird things only Americans would eat.” That is a thought that would likely only occur to bloggers who see a lot of “Oreo balls”-type recipes.

That being said, here’s an “Oreo balls”-type recipe¬†from Japan. One hitch: the instructions, the video, and all the information is in Japanese. But, honestly, would you go through all this trouble to eat what is basically still an Oreo at the end of it all? No. You’d probably just watch the video, think to yourself how good it looks, and just go eat out like 12 Oreos out of the Oreo box. So forget the Rosetta Stone…Just kick back, relax, and enjoy looking at all the cute little kitchen implements they use over there. Awww, is that a food processor for babies? Adorable.