Jason Biggs’ Balls Make Cameo Appearance

TMZ is, to put it kindly, not necessarily famous for its hospitable treatment of people in the public eye or its deft touch with personal subjects. That, and the obnoxious narration, is why it’s rather difficult to link to this video, in which TMZ honcho Harvey Levin pretends to be pay attention as his staff breaks a story about a picture of Jason Biggs’ balls dangling into the toilet.

Look, it’s okay to think balls are funny — we do it here every day. But we’re also adults, and our coverage of news items, however fringe the subject, should include a modicum of maturity from time to time. A guy’s balls got put online and then taken down yesterday. That’s good for a chuckle. Let’s just enjoy that without the boing boing sound effects and radio guy voice. The guy who humped a pie has a nice pair. Good!