Jerry Springer Retro: Spurned Girl Bites Cheater’s Nuts


If there was any TV show that signaled the decline of Western civilization, it was the Jerry Springer Show. Since premiering in 1991, the long-running syndicated program has trotted out the worst in humanity to air their lurid grievances with each other. Show segments degenerate into screaming matches and fistfights on a daily basis, with the former mayor of Cincinnati struggling to keep things in check.

Thanks to an anonymous uploader on YouTube, we just got ahold of a classic Jerry Springer Show episode from 1999 that is very relevant to our interests. It stars a young woman named Silver, who tells a story about finding another woman in bed with her fiancee. She waited until the other girl left and got her revenge by biting down on her man’s nutsack hard enough to leave permanent scars.

Because this is Springer, there has to be some conflict, so he brings out Brie (the woman in question). And, of course, we then meet Jevon, the one-balled man. Things, naturally, go a little out of control. Thankfully no other balls get bitten in the fracas. If you’ve got ten minutes to spare, why not take a little trip back to the last century to see how people worked out there differences in front of a fake brick wall.