Jimmy Kimmel’s Testicular Headphones Sound Great

“It plays music when inserted into a woman…like John Mayer.”

Testicular headphones? Jimmy Kimmel’s late night show is known for its pranks and absurd goofs, but this faux product is actually a lot closer to reality than you might think. Ballz by Dre takes its cues from an evidently-real concept known as the “Babypod”. The Guardian reports:

There has been plenty of research on the effect of sound on foetuses, and evidence suggests that unborn babies do respond to music in the womb. There are already multiple speakers available on the market (“prenatal speakers”) which are fitted around a pregnant woman’s stomach.

Babypod, however, cites research from a gynaecological clinic, the Institut Marquès, that babies hearing external noise clearly is “solely possible via the vagina”, because the abdominal wall muffles sounds.

With that in mind, maybe testicular headphones are not such an outrageous concept. We’re not holding our breath for a concert for sperm anytime soon, however.