Jose Iglesias Takes A Fastball To The Groin

Jose Iglesias

Every time one of these horrific baseball groin injuries comes across the wire we wince a little bit. Incredibly strong throwing arms and tough little baseballs add up to some serious impact. The latest victim? Detroit Tigers shortstop Jose Iglesias, who took a Johnny Cueto fastball right to his naughty bits in a game last night.

The Tigers were already nervous going in to Wednesday’s game with the league-leading Kansas City Royals. To add additional stress, it was newly-signed pitcher Matt Boyd’s debut on the mound. All the cards seemed stacked against the Tigers, who have been coming up short lately.

Jose Iglesias, the Tigers’ shortstop, has been one of the team’s bright lights recently, but last night put him on the bench for a bit courtesy of Cueto’s 91 mile per hour fastball.

While at bat in the bottom of the first, Iglesias took a swing at a Cueto pitch right across the plate, but only caught it with the edge of his bat. The ball barely lost any kinetic energy as it deflected right into his groin, sending him immediately down to the dirt and gasping for breath. Here’s a video:

Pretty painful, right? Thankfully, the impact didn’t seem to do any permanent damage to Iglesias and he was on his feet shortly after.

The Tigers did end up pulling this one out even with Iglesias injured, beating the Royals 2-1.