Judge John Hodgman Tackles A Ball Problem


John Hodgman is a true national treasure. The author of The Areas Of My Expertise and other essential volumes is a wildly prolific humorist, sharing his gifts on TV, in movie (did you see him in Pitch Perfect 2?) and on the Web. His podcast Judge John Hodgman is absolutely brilliant – each week has him tackling a low-consequence dispute in classic form – and this episode deals with balls, so we wrote about it.

Here’s the scenario: Aron and Molly are a married couple who own a house. The house, like many do, has a yard. And that yard is regularly filled with balls from the kids who play in the park next door. Aron and Molly can’t agree on the best way to keep their property ball-free, so they turn to Hodgman for help. It’s a funny listen that covers a lot of ground. Enjoy!