How To Keep Your Sweaty Balls From Stinking

Sweaty Balls

We talk a lot about ball health here on the site, but even healthy balls can be troublesome. If you exercise a lot, you’ve probably experienced an occasional funk emanating from your sweaty balls. When we get sweaty, it elicits some odor, and that odor isn’t good.

On the Huffington Post, there’s a whole in-depth piece about stinky balls, including interviews with a number of scientists who specialize in body odor.

Dr. Janellen Smith, a professor of dermatology at UC Irvine, starts us off by explaining that one of the biggest contributors to ball odor is the folds in your skin. As they rub together, it causes dead skin to slough off. Bacteria that generate odor feed off of those dead skin cells, with sweat providing a healthy medium for them.

The odor is exacerbated by the apocrine glands in your groin, which exude that notorious musty scent. That combines with the fermenting bacteria to create a tangy, unpleasant onion-like smell. But you don’t have to live with it – there are a number of techniques that prevent ball smell. First and foremost, stop wearing constricting underpants. Tighty whiteys fold up that flesh and trap in that sweat, leaving it free to ferment. If things are really bad, dust your groin with antifungal powder as well.

If you want some more tips for dealing with crotch odor, read the whole article here.