A Water-Repelling Powder To Keep Your Moist Balls Dry

If there’s anyone you’d want to take advice from regarding your moist balls, it’d have to be a man who calls himself “Alpha”. If that doesn’t inspire confidence, then perhaps his giant, gothic “M” (presumably for “man”) ring does? No? Ah, well, take comfort in the fact that the product he’s raving about, Chassis For Men, has sponsored the review that Alpha is spamming out to his 1M or so subscribers.

If a product works, though, it works; the demonstration shown in the video would indeed suggest that the manufacturers of Chassis have managed to imbue a talc-like powder with hydrophobic properties. That will certainly do a fine job of coating your erstwhile moist balls with an impenetrable crust, and depending on the other ingredients, it might even make them smell better, too.

Just one minor question, though: how are you supposed to wash it off?