Kegel Balls Can Improve Your Sex Life

Kegel Balls

Here on the Ball Report we typically talk about balls in the context of men’s reproductive systems. Our mission is to raise awareness for testicular cancer, so that makes the most sense. But we love and cherish women too, and when a story comes down the pike that relates to them and balls it’s time to share it. Case in point: kegel balls and how they can improve your sex life.

Here’s a quick explainer to get you up to speed. Kegel exercises are a group of muscle motions that strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. People who do them regularly rave about their ability to relieve urinary pressure, improve balance and, yes, make sex better. A stronger, more involved vaginal floor makes for more friction and lets women be more active participants. Trust us: it works.

You can do kegels all by themselves, but some people say they’re even better with balls. Also known as “ben wa” balls, Kegel balls are inserted into the vagina and held there during the day, either actively moved through exercise or just resting. If you’ve been following the recent uproar with Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop selling overpriced crystal hoo-ha eggs, it’s the same principle.

Lifehacker just posted an article on how to use these babies most effectively. Go give it a read.