Kid Gets Nut Punched on Live TV; Baylor Wins Anyway

Covering testicle pain on a blog is a tough balance. On the one hand, it seems likely that repeated or severe trauma to that oh-so-sensitive area could very well have health repercussions in the short and longterm. On the other hand, the inherent humor in doubling one’s friend over with a well-placed fist is basically ingrained in male popular culture at this point, and we’ve almost been indoctrinated into finding that brand of schadenfreude absolutely hysterical.

Well, this kid certainly delivers. On a live broadcast of a Baylor Bears basketball game, our green shorted hero is powerfully nut punched directly behind the announcers, who remain blissfully unaware of the dramedy unfolding behind them. It’s probably not the last time that poor kid has gotten nut punched or otherwise testicularly injured, but he’s young. Young people are resilient, we think.