Kid Hits Monkey Ball Jackpot, Wins Useless Credits

Alright! So maybe these arcade videos are a thing nowadays. Matt3756, an apparently even more popular arcade YouTuber/streamer than the last channel we featured here has uploaded a successful jackpot on Monkey Ball Astronaut Party Jam. Sadly, that is not the game’s actual name, but even more sadly, the jackpot is a measly 500 credits. Whatever that means.

When Matt hits the absurdly difficult slot on the Plinko-style peg game, outside of his own hooting and carrying on, nothing much happens. That’s because he’s in a Dave & Buster’s, where tickets and coins have long since been trashed in favor of plastic cards that mimic debit functionality. Yippee!

You’d think if you were going to a place that offers to exchange your real live currency for third-rate stuffed animals and sour candy, you could at least get rid of your change, but no.