Kid Jumps On Man’s Balls And He Discovers Testicular Cancer

Kid Jumps On Man's Balls

One of the biggest dangers about having a kid is their treating your body like their very own personal jungle gym. They just don’t realize that you’re a human being who feels pain, so they’ll bash, twist, bend and break things on their endless quest for fun.

For one man, though, getting beat up by his kid may have saved his life. Last year, Donald Lindsay was sitting on his couch when his two year old daughter jumped into his lap. As happens with men, his scrotum happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and he crumpled up in pain.

Here’s the good part, though: later on, when examining his bruised nutsack in the bathroom, he noticed a strange-feeling lump. We all know what that means, and thankfully Lindsay did too. He immediately took himself to the doctor and got diagnosed with testicular cancer. Because of that happy accident, he was able to get treatment very quickly. He did lose his right testicle, but that operation and a course of chemotherapy left him cancer free.

We’re not recommending that you have a toddler land on your crotch to screen for testicular cancer. But this story should serve as a reminder that there’s no bad time to check your nuts, at least once a month. Awareness of what’s going on down there could save your life. And if you want to be around for your kids, you’ll do it.

Lindsay is giving back to the community by running the Edinburgh half-marathon to raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support, who helped him out during his treatment. Kudos.

Thanks to Herald Scotland for the tip.